Dexter's Camera



$75 for a one-on-one class

Our mission is to spread the joy of photography.


Our personal classes are a great way to do just that. We do mostly private lessons, although from time to time we will do group specific. Choose from one or both of the following...

  • Basic Film/Digital 101

Need to learn the difference between an f-stop and a bus stop?  Take the 101 course.  We go over the basics starting with aperture, shutter and ISO.  This class is great for the novice or for a refresher. 

  • Photoshop and Lightroom

Taking the photo is half the battle; much of the major work for digital (and some film) will be done on the computer.  Learn either Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom - the two industry standards - to help you correct your color, contrast, and composition.


Please contact us ahead of time to schedule a class!