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Found Film File #1


Found film... Shot rolls left undeveloped, negatives that were never printed, time capsules that take diligent handling, and a skilled photochemist to open. Old rolls of film that, when left, will continue to degrade with time, eventually to be lost forever.

The Found Film Files is a collection of recovered photographs that we at Dexter’s Camera have gathered, processed and preserved for educational and historical purposes. We also happen to enjoy doing it too!


Roll #1: Trip to Chicago

This first roll labeled Trip To Chicago is one of sixteen undeveloped 120 film rolls, found forgotten in the attic of an estate that had been recently liquidated. All of the rolls are estimated to have been exposed between the years 1960-1970. Trip To Chicago is a roll of Kodak Plus-X Pan, that was carefully processed by hand: stand-developed with HC-110 for about an hour.

Daniel Colegrove