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Tired of forking over half of your paycheck to expensive film labs? So were we! That’s why we decided to take matters into our own hands…

We process C-41, Black & White and E-6 in-house for most film formats. In addition, we offer both affordable film scanning and printing.



$5 plus tax to process C-41, Black & White, and E-6 for the following formats:

Film Processing_title.jpg

*$20 plus tax for Kodachrome (K-14) processing as Black & White.

No additional charge for push/pull processing. If requested, hand-processing is available for an additional charge.  Blank rolls are refunded or credited towards future orders, exempting E-6 and K-14 processing.



$5 plus tax for NORMAL RESOLUTION scans (1300x2600 pixels)

$15 plus tax for HIGH RESOLUTION scans (3400x5300 pixels)

The above prices apply to UNCUT rolls of film.  For CUT strips of film, and 4x5 or 8x10 sheet film, please click HERE.

*We charge $25 plus tax to scan Kodak Disc film.

Digital scans of your film can be burned to a CD, copied to a flash drive, or sent via email:


For instructions on how to download your digital scans: Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer



We also offer true silver-halide prints on Fuji's Crystal Archive lustre paper.


For prints larger than 8"x 10/12", please click HERE.


Mail-In Orders

How to mail in your film in 5 easy steps!


2. Print out the Dexter’s Mail-In Order Form and fill in the necessary fields, including contact info and film types.

If unable to print, please…


3. Package your film securely, making sure to include the order form. Drop off at your local mail-service provider.

We recommend purchasing shipping insurance that includes a tracking number.


4. Upon arrival in-store, we will call or email you to confirm your order and request payment information.


5. After your order is completed, we ship your film negatives along with any other purchased items. We charge $5 for return shipping.

Depending on the quantity, prints cost extra to ship back.


Questions? Please contact us and we'd be happy to help!