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Camera Servicing

Camera Servicing

The current running-through your digital camera make it a magnet for dust.  After days of field use, your camera will probably have dirt in crevices that could work its way down to boards and cause problems.

Don't let that happen.

sensor cleaning3.jpg


$35 for Camera Body/Lens Cleaning*

*Apply to both Analog and Digital cameras

$50 for Digital Sensor Cleaning

($65 for Digital Sensor & Body/Lens Cleaning)

Please supply us with a fully-charged battery!




Is the advance lever on your analog camera stuck?  Are you getting light leaks on your film? Is your DSLR giving you an odd error message? We can help!

Depending on the severity of the damage, we may be able to service your camera in-store.  Some quick fixes include...

re-foaming of doors, battery corrosion clean-up, stuck filters, camera body and lens contact cleaning, etc.

If it's a more extensive fix, we may ship out your camera to one of our many professional camera repair services.


Contact us or stop by the shop if you have any questions!